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We are Noy and Vem Chatoyan two brothers ages 21 and 19 who created SMILES IN A BOX. Since the world is broken and so much bad is happening all over, we made these smiles to brighten up every person’s faces and hearts.


These unique happy faces are carved, painted, and designed with our own hands. We started this project towards the end of the summer of 2014 and started selling them in front of our parents' store in Montrose, Ca. So far, we have sold well over 5000 smiles. Half of every sale goes to a different charity each year. We have already collected a considerable amount from everyone’s purchases and the extra generous donations that they have contributed.


Due to the charity’s message and success, we have spoken at our town’s Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce. Eventually, the Los Angeles Times covered our charity, and the increased demand inspired us to work harder and smarter to keep pace so we created molds to streamline the production.


Throughout the years we have seen the impact of our work and we would like to continue bringing smiles and joy to people’s faces and hearts for many years to come.

Noy and Vem Chatoyan

"What an awesome thing to do"


"You are the best!!! We had the best wedding favors ever thanks to u- much better than candy!!"


"We love our smiles! Thanks for the personal touches and delivery Vem & Noy"


"My grandmother loved these smiles as a gift. She was so delighted!"


"I wake up every morning to see the little smile on my nightstand and I smile in return"


"Thank you for the smiles you have spread across everyone's faces Noy and Vem"

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